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Archive for July 19, 2019

Orc Raid

Released on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games

The horde is here! fight to the death using the weapons you find scattered across the battlefield. Orc Raid is a first person shooter where you fight hordes of enemies across a randomized environment to rank up via Online Leaderboards.

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Released on . Added in Indie Games

Timeless is a classic platforming game with a small twist, the ability to either enhance the player character’s speed (and slipperiness) or stop their momentum instantly.

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Legend of Cenama

Released on . Added in RPG Games

Legend of Cenama is an existential and story driven retro RPG that doesn’t hold your hand, but lets you explore and find your own way to the end. Decisions you make can irreversibly alter the story line and the final outcome of your journey.

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