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Archive for June 14, 2021

The Feeble Files

Released on . Added in Adventure Games

An epic space adventure which sees our hero Feeble undertaking acts of betrayal, intrigue, revolution, and even a bit of cross dressing, in an attempt to right his previous wrongs and save the universe from a fate worse than life.

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Spare Parts: Episode 2

Released on . Added in Casual Games

Unit 03 is a sheltered, but bubbly, robot girl with a penchant for breaking the rules. After getting a tiny taste of the outside, she’s become all the more desperate to break free of the cage she was born in. But so long as her body continues to malfunction, will that ever be more than a fantasy?

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Warp Factory

Released on . Added in Indie Games, Simulation Games

An automation puzzle game in which the player must build factories to produce various shapes and patterns, as well as to perform more dynamic tasks – featuring a system of portals that allow one to cut apart and reconnect space in paradoxical – and productive – ways.

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