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Archive for November 4, 2021

Aeternum Quest™

Released on . Added in Adventure Games, RPG Games

Four gems came into existence when the world was created, mankind fused these to create the aeternum gem, too powerful to be used by the humans, they decided to shatter the gem back into four pieces and hide it. Thousand years have now past and mankind now wants the power of the gems back…

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Too Many Humans

Released on . Added in Action Games, Strategy Games

Too Many Humans is a real-time tactics action game where YOU play the Zombies. You bring chaos, fear, destruction, death and finally: redemption. Humanity degraded too far into greed and is hurting the planet, your sister, Gaia. Incarnate the God of decay and save the world by eradicating humanity.

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Where Cards Fall

Released on . Added in Adventure Games, Indie Games

Spread decks of cards to solve challenging spatial puzzles and progress through dream-like landscapes in this award-winning title. Traverse beautifully crafted, isometric puzzles that give way to a wordless coming-of-age story, that invites you to reflect on the formative moments of your own life.

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