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Archive for November 11, 2022


Released on . Added in Casual Games, Indie Games, Strategy Games

Your superpower is your patience. Nurture it with this minimalist puzzle based on pure logic: swap pairs of colored rods such that all four rods that meet in any of 30 corners have different colors. Thousands of problems await you: from trivial to superhuman difficult.

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Lilium is an action role-playing game taking place in a very small, but dense open world. It has a short, interesting main story, several side quests, dungeons and exciting secrets waiting to be discovered. Find your fun by interacting with your surroundings, develop your character, loot everything.

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PESTICIDE Free Download

PESTICIDE is a raw reflex action FPS that puts a heavy emphasis on time crunch, accuracy and total mayhem against nasty cockroach thugs and gangsters. Exterminate them all through the desolate and filthy city districts, collect trophies, and save adult actress Pussy Katty.

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Learn about humanity’s sin of greed in an escape room game where you play as Chris, a poor young man who looks for easy ways to get money but ends up in a virtual reality he can’t escape. Help Chris escape the rooms while uncovering the story behind them, and the man who created them.

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