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Archive for February 14, 2023


Released on . Added in Casual Games

Ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun! On this fun journey, you will solve exciting puzzles, receive coins for unlocking new levels, use boosters to continue your saga and become the last hope to save the Flying Islands and their magical inhabitants!

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Hunting Labyrinth

Released on . Added in Indie Games, RPG Games

Shelared found that she had been cursed by a powerful monster in the labyrinth. There is no other way to remove the curse than to conquer the labyrinth. Shelared, who was sent to the church, began to conquer the labyrinth in order to remove the curse.

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It Returned To The Desert

Released on . Added in Adventure Games

Unique mix of turn-based tactics and adventure game. Defend the town of Glint Rock against radioactive giant ants! Convince the townsfolk to join your party in a non-linear campaign with high replay value. Discover all the little secrets and stories in the lively town of Glint Rock.

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