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Archive for June 24, 2024


Released on . Added in Indie Games, Strategy Games

Would you return from death to help your loved ones through grief? Make fate turning decisions, micromanage the family’s relationships and defeat the negative thoughts on tower defense levels. Watch out, your job will be harder the more severe their mental disorder is.

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Real Anime Situation! 2

Released on . Added in Adventure Games

When chronic daydreamer Tooru’s dastardly diary is discovered, classmates old and new won’t give him a moment’s peace! Featuring eye-popping art, intricate animations, and multiple moonstruck heroines, this ’20 Moe Game Awards-winning comedy VN also received its own hit anime adaptation.

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Released on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games

Diatomic has face paced action, gun juggling, epic boss fights, Agility Challenges and much more! Level up, unlock new abilities and customize your power ups to try and conquer this brutally difficult arena shooter where the only way to survive is to keep moving!

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ReThink 5

Released on . Added in Indie Games

ReThink 5 is a Puzzle Game in a peaceful futuristic setting, that features a variety of Puzzles that utilize Lasers and the behavior of light and it’s colors to create challenging problems to solve.

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Released on . Added in Action Games, Adventure Games

BloodLight is a cooperative first-person horror game for up to 3 players. While working as a night watchman, you will face a demon that constantly changes form. Set out in a team or alone through the chilling environment to complete all the tasks.

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