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Rangok Skies

Released on . Added in 动作 Games, 独立 Games

战争已拉开序幕!《Rangok Skies》是一款纵向卷轴街机射击游戏,其灵感源自同一类型的经典游戏。游戏重玩性极高,设有四个角色,每个角色都拥有独特的飞船、武器和炸弹。包括双人本地合作模式。

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Yakuza 5 Remastered

Released on . Added in 冒险 Games, 动作 Games

Get ready for a Yakuza experience of unprecedented scale! Follow five characters across five Japanese cities, each trying to achieve their dream. The connections between them bring them together, but the conflict that unfolds is nothing any of them could have predicted.

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