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  • Fae Farm
  • Planet of War: The Legend of Fu
  • Alien Investigator
  • Into The Sky
  • Shipwrecked
  • Sprout Valley
  • Laruaville 3
  • Beast Slayer
  • NBA 2K24
  • Fling D'Block

Toys of War

Released on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games

The greatest military minds have gathered in an underground bunker to plan their next move. Take control of miniature military vehicles and battle your friends across a range of unique game modes. Plans are useful but it’s quick thinking and a keen eye that will win the battle in Toys of War.

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A 3D Sandbox Crafting Adventure with in-game modding that you can explore solo or with friends. We are part of a community of gamers that want a better, moddable, multi-player crafting experience. We think we’ve built that with Ficterra.

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