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Cubes of Death

Released on . Added in Adventure Games, Indie Games

Cubes of Death Free Download

Cubes of Death is a 3D-puzzle game, with both story mode (single player) and arcade mode (to play time-trials against a friend). If this first release is somewhat successful, PvP and Co-op story mode will be next on our to-do-list.

Game Details

Title: Cubes of Death
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Madhatgames
Publisher: Madhatgames
Release Date: 17 Oct, 2021

About This Game

Get ready to put your skills and your mind to the test. Cubes of Death is played from a 3D grid view and has both a story mode and an arcade mode (with randomized settings). 6 skill levels include everything a beginner needs to get into the game, a more challanging mode for the quick-thinker and GOD-MODE, for those of you that really think you will be reincarnated as a box your life after this. The 6th mode is where you get to measure your skills with your friends, allowing you to customize a course entirely for your needs, using a seed to replay same map as your friend and compare your scores and times. In future settings we are implementing PvP as 1 on 1 and up to 4 players in a battle royale style where players compete for time capsules, one-time-use-weapons and re-usable traps. The story-mode will hopefully get a co-op mode in the middle of 2022 and after that, we will see what you, our player-base asks for. Our ears are here for you so please send us ideas for future releases, we want Cubes of Death to be fun, fastpaced and re-playable.

System Requirements


Windows 7
Sempron 2650
GeForce 600
Version 10
200 MB available space


Windows 10
Athlon 5150
GeForce 800
Version 12
200 MB available space


Cubes of Death Free Download
Cubes of Death Free Download
Cubes of Death Free Download
Cubes of Death Free Download
Cubes of Death Free Download
Cubes of Death Free Download

Video Tutorial – Cubes of Death Free Download

Really I believe that there is not need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are sufficient. It’s simple to download and install it.

Instructions for Cubes of Death Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is below
2. Open “Cubes of”, next run EXE installer “Cubes of Death.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Copy files from folder Crack to folder in which you installed the game
4. You can now play in full version of the game and enjoy it! 🙂

Cubes of Death Free Download

Installer Version
Cubes of
Portable Version

Additional Informations about Cubes of Death Free Download

Just remember about checking our website from time to time to make certain that you’ve got the newest updated version. If the game will be updated you will can download Update for Free 🙂

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