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Metal March

Released on . Added in Indie Games, Strategy Games

Metal March Free Download

Metal March is a newly fashioned turn-based strategy simulation game that combines CHESS strategy with CCG. Create a force that fits your strategy & inclinations and generate synergies by using cards and relics in order to complete your expedition successfully. March your metals to the end!

Game Details

Title: Metal March
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: BlueTale
Publisher: BlueTale
Release Date: 1 Dec, 2022

About This Game

The world has turned into complete chaos. The cold atmosphere between the races has lost sustainability, and all the races are now preparing for an expedition to the World’s Roof.

As you prepare for the expedition to take over the powerful relics located at the World’s Roof, a wandering wizard comes to help you fight the battles.
Remember, with your troops, you must be the first to take over the World’s Roof’s relics before others.

With the help of the Wizard, you can briefly monitor the battlefield and control your troops.
You can identify each of your troops with tin dolls with different appearances.

All troops have their own movement/attack patterns.
In addition to the attributes and characteristics of the troop’s powers, these movement and attack patterns are also essential factors that you need to consider in strategy.

Thoroughly plan your strategy and win. Effectively win the battle by moving troops where the enemy can’t counter-attack and quickly retreating to a position the enemy cannot follow. Strategies like this will matter.

Magic can be a key that completes your strategy.

With magic spells, you can either protect or strengthen your team. You can also choose a strategy that destroys enemies with magic attacks.

Your magic combination also plays a vital role in the battle. Even within the same collaboration of troops, strategies vary depending on which magic spells you cast and in what order.

There are 4 races that you can select for your troops. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Make up for the shortcomings of the race with the skills and magics of other races.

For some kinds of races, making use of their strengths first, or making up for their shortcomings first, may determine the success of the early stages of the expedition.

There is another way to strengthen your troops and magic skills.
RELICs provide special effects and synergies in ways that can’t be obtained from other sources.

With relics, you can increase your income during the expedition, add beneficial effects before starting a battle, strengthen certain types of troops & magic powers, and weaken your enemies.

You can only activate a limited number of relics, but they can be replaced at any time except during battles.

Choose and use relics according to your needs and circumstances.

  • CHESS-inspired turn-based strategy game mixed with card collection genres.
  • (Based on our current updates) Select your troops from 4 races
  • Race-themed areas
  • 7 types of unique troops and 10 types of unique magic powers per race
  • More than 10 types of troops and 20 types of magic shared among troops
  • More than 20 kinds of relics

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Windows 7
AMD Ryzen 5 2500
NVidia GeForce GTX 1050
Version 11
4 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 5 3700X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Version 11
5 GB available space


Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download
Metal March Free Download

Video Tutorial – Metal March Free Download

Actually I think that there is not will need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are enough. It’s simple to download and install it.

Instructions for Metal March Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is below
2. Open “Metal”, next run EXE installer “Metal March.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Move files from folder Crack to folder in which you installed the game
4. You can now play in full version of the game and revel in it! 🙂

Metal March Free Download

Installer Version
Portable Version

Additional Informations about Metal March Free Download

Keep in mind about checking our site from time to time to make sure you’ve got the newest updated version. If the game will soon be updated you will can download Update for Free 🙂

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