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  • Mini-Market Simulator VR
  • Angel Tear: Goddess Betrayed
  • Azure Orphanage
  • Wurzelnsisters
  • Siegebreaker
  • Block Tower TD 2
  • Escape Memoirs: Safe House
  • TYGA
  • Travelin' – Across Europe
  • MegaMegaEggs
  • Taxi Rush


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A game that fuses mythical fantasy, 2D fighting mechanics, frame-by-frame ink painting, and free strategy. The game deeply explores four mechanisms. Before playing, it is necessary to understand the concepts of these mechanisms, making it relatively difficult to get started.

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Shell Runner

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2045. Life’s never been cheaper. Shells mean you can come back if you have money. You used to. Now you’re on the bottom in a cyberpunk sprawl. Claw your way back up through wet work as a Shell Runner, in a PvE extraction looter shooter, where a gig can make you rich – or broke.

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