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Galaxy V

Released on . Added in Adventure Games, Strategy Games

You’re an alien in outer space, hunting for new planets to conquer. However, it won’t be easy. Standing in your way is a competing alien species’ intelligence injection. Steal it, and win the battle for intelligence in outer space.

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Strike Team Gladius

Released on . Added in RPG Games, Strategy Games

A sci-fi turn-based, tactical RPG that focusses on combat missions and team building. Combines classic tabletop game mechanics with dungeon crawler-style character development. Lead your team on the battlefields of an alien planet with the support of devastating armored vehicles and combat mechs.

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Star Ships

Released on . Added in Massively Multiplayer Games, Strategy Games

Star Ships is a computer game in the real-time strategy genre. Install various modules in order to change the parameters of ships and unlock new skills. If you like big guns – study it. Turn the ship into a drone carrier and attack from beyond the horizon. Choose a race, a captain, call ships and lead the fleet to victory.

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Leak Elite

Released on . Added in Indie Games, Strategy Games

Experience the excitement of being part of an elite hacking group in this challenging turn-based tactics game. Hack up to 60 servers by exploiting their bugs and making them crash. Live a thrilling hacking story based on chat logs from real hackers.

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