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  • Project Wasteland
  • Stars End
  • Earthlings Must Die
  • POSTAL 4: No Regerts
  • Rise to Ruins
  • Vugluskr: Zombie Rampage
  • Reality Incognita
  • The Quarry
  • Foreskin Fury
  • The Empire's Crisis


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Struggle is a tactical competitive VR shooting game. The special forces will be transported to the battlefield by helicopter and land at a certain location on the battlefield. The fight is quite cruel, you must struggle for the unique chance of survival by any means.

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Diablo_IslanD 暗黑破坏岛

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This is a adventure👣 island survival game. Your life on the island🌋 lasts only one hour.There are Diablo devils😈 on each island. If you inject "Life Crystal"🔮 into "Throne of life", you will have a longer life.The equipment system is similar to Diablo 2,Equipments Matching Strategy Interesting and Brainstorming!

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