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  • Popup Dungeon
  • Virtual Vacations
  • Zero Hour
  • Cavity Busters
  • Volta-X
  • Rising Star 2
  • Manipulate: Sacrifice
  • Metamorphosis
  • Dungeon Core
  • Fate in the Darkness
  • RX Racing 2020 Pro
  • Combat Helicopter- Surgical Strike


Released on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games

Enter into a unique style of online team warfare set in a medieval world filled with challenges and objectives. Choose a character class that possesses unique weapons, items, and abilities, as the teams compete not only against each other but also against the infected that now roams the land.

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Otiiz's adventure 2

Released on . Added in Casual Games, Indie Games, RPG Games

Otiiz’s Adventure 2 is a RPG card game. Recently, there have been frequent incidents in which villagers have been attacked by strange robots. Player can explore the town together with our protagonist, Otiiz. And discover the secrets of the town with the his friends, start the combat training to defend the town!

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Void Bastards

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Inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2, Void Bastards is a revolutionary new strategy-shooter that will test your wits as well as exercise your aim. Can you lead the misfit prisoners of the Void Ark through the derelict spaceships and myriad dangers of the Sargasso Nebula?

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