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Archive for March 6, 2023

Rogue Sweeper

Released on . Added in Casual Games, Indie Games

RogueSweeper is a stage-based exploration puzzle game that combines the classic Minesweeper experience with some Rogue-lite elements. As you explore the dungeons, find materials and craft tools to aid you in your quest. Use the tools and your wit to conquer all 10 dungeons!

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Field of Arms: Tactics

Released on . Added in Strategy Games

A strategy game set in the 18th century Caribbean recreating clashes between the empires of the time. Manage resources and armies via three integrated game layers; a strategic overworld for logistics; city building for production and tactical battles to conquer your enemies.

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VetVR Veterinary Simulator

Released on . Added in Games

VetVR Veterinary Simulator Free Download

As a brand-new veterinarian, you’re tasked with the responsibility of saving animal lives while building your clinic’s reputation. Play through real-life veterinary training, discover Easter eggs and unlock rewards as you learn all you need to treat emergencies, heal wounds, and diagnose illnesses.

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