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Archive for May 18, 2023


Released on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games

After the last human war, gases were spread through the atmosphere making it unbreathable. The richest to fled to orbital colonies and the others took refuge underground. Get ready to fight giant Insects for the future of humanity !

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Kuroinu Redux

Released on . Added in Adventure Games

Desperate to end a bloody war, the Seven Shields Alliance—led by an elven goddess incarnate—seek out the assistance of the protagonist Vult and his Black Dog Mercenaries. He turns on them and takes control in this visual novel story of betrayal.

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Death Horizon: Reloaded

Released on . Added in Action Games, Adventure Games

The Horizon scientific research laboratory is a deceptively quiet place. When you came round, there were hundreds of the living dead all around you. Use both hands and your head: never stop shooting, climb up pipes and ladders, grab hold of ropes, and throw everything you find at the zombies.

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