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Archive for May 20, 2024

PERIMETER: Legate Edition

Released on . Added in Strategy Games

Perimeter is a real-time strategy game with a destructible world. Utilize the environment for resource gathering and defense against enemies. Immerse yourself in the millennia-spanning history of the Chains of Worlds and lead a faction in the struggle for survival.

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Anchors: Blockade Zone

Released on . Added in Action Games, Adventure Games

Anchors:blockade zone is a Cthulhu style 2d shooting game.The game requires players to explore in various maps generated by the program,find and bring back equipment,and live in a base full of doomsday atmosphere.When you explore the map,you see some strange things,calm down.Maybe that’s truth!

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Ramas' Call: Twisted timing

Released on . Added in Adventure Games

Point and Click adventure in a medieval fantasy ambience. Imagine you are a random tabletop geek looking for new adventures and your friend makes a tiiny mistake with his time machine… Now add an adventurer, a noble and a detective and mix them all together in yourself. Must be fun, right?

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Released on . Added in Casual Games

Shouldermen is a dialog driven game that uses your voice as the controller. Help an angel and a devil escape a virtual reality prison by getting them to say the password. The fate of the world hangs in the balance until they are free to stand on shoulders and guide people towards right and wrong.

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