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Achievement Machine-Unleashed

Released on . Added in Scene Games

Achievement Machine Free Download

Achievement Machine is a colorful clicker game for those who wants not only to get tons of achievements in no time, but also to enjoy real gameplay and various gamemodes!

Achievement Machine PC Game Overview:

Achievement Machine is an Casual, Indie game which is developed by Playloft and published by Playloft. It was released in 25 May, 2018.

Achievement Machine is a colorful clicker game for those who wants not only to get tons of achievements in no time, but also to enjoy real gameplay and various game modes!

Achievement Machine

We at Playloft don’t like boring spamming games, but knowing your true love of achievements and interesting gameplay we’ve taken the liberty to make both colorful and enjoyable clicker game with lots and lots of achievements.

Achievement Machine


Click the icons to clear the game field. Every new click can bring you another achievement. There are some special icons hidden among the regular ones:

  • Explosive icons — explode the icons placed around them;
  • Armed icons — extra strong;
  • Energy icons – let you clear the whole row of icons.

Sometimes you can unlock one of the secret icons, that activate an additional game mode. Try to find them all!

Achievement Machine


Achievement Machine combines both achievement farming and fun gameplay with several modes – find a special icon on the field to start them.


A simple and fun way to expand your collection with tons of new achievements. Decorate your Steam profile with amazing well-drawn icons!


Did you think that it would be that simple? To get a secret achievement you’ll need to give it your best shot. Let’s see if you’re lucky enough to unlock it!

Achievement Machine Screenshots

Achievement MachineAchievement MachineAchievement MachineAchievement MachineAchievement Machine

Achievement Machine Gameplay / Trailer


Windows XP
Dual Core +
512MB +
Version 9.0
250 MB available space
Sound Card:
Any sound card capable of stereo output

Video Tutorial – Achievement Machine Free Download

Actually I think that there is not will need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are enough. It’s simple to download and install it.

Instructions for Achievement Machine Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is below
2. Open “Achievement”, next run EXE installer “Achievement Machine.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Move files from folder Crack to folder in which you installed the game
4. You can now play in full version of the game and enjoy it! 🙂

Achievement Machine Free Download

Installer Version

Portable Version


Additional Informations about Achievement Machine Free Download

Keep in mind about checking our website from time to time to be sure you’ve got the latest updated version. If the game will soon be updated you will can download Update for Free 🙂


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