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AMEDAMA Free Download

Side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action adventure brought to life with a striking new 2D style! With only his soul remaining, Yushin must fight tooth and nail, possessing body after body on a quest to find his sister. With just seven days left until his soul departs, can he save her in time?

Game Details

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: IzanagiGames
Publisher: IzanagiGames
Release Date: 22 Mar, 2024

About This Game

Soul-Shifting Showdowns: Lacking a physical form, you’ll need to shift your soul to other bodies on the quest to find your sister. Possession puts you in complete control of whoever and whatever you inhabit, giving you access to a variety of weapons and fighting styles. Depending on your current body, you’ll face different foes and encounter new faces on your incorporeal journey.

Inclement Intrigue: This human drama plays out against the rain-soaked backdrop of mid 19th century Japan, rendered in an evocative pixel style. In the sombre world of AMEDAMA, beauty and darkness are two sides of the same coin.

Reincarnation, Repercussions: As you relive the same seven day period over and over again, your choices will impact the story unfolding around you. Who will you speak to? How will you intervene? The decisions, and the outcomes, are all up to you.

Counteraction using the sword technique of Usetsu Tensei sword style: Where Yushin, having mastered the key to battles, employs the technique known as ‘Misty Riposte.’ By countering the opponent’s attacks, significant damage is dealt in a counteraction.

Aihama, Japan. The final years of the Edo period. One rain-drenched evening, a group of men burst into the town’s brother and sister-run umbrella shop. Yushin is cut down in front of his sister Yui, leaving her alone in the world. The next thing he knows, he is looking down at his own stricken corpse—a soul without a body. The grim incident shatters the peace in this quiet backwater. Lurking beneath the surface is an intricate, deep-rooted plot, shrouded in mystery. Until Yui is safe, not even death is enough to extinguish Yushin’s soul. He’ll stop at nothing on his quest, shifting from body to body, possessing anyone and anything to rescue his sister. But with just seven days before his soul departs this world—can he save Yui in time?

This is a tale of rain, reincarnation, and revenge.

Development / Marketing: IzanagiGames
Planning: ACQUIRE
Character design: lack (Fate/Grand Order, Touken Ranbu)
Soundtrack: Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter series)

©️ IzanagiGames, Inc. & ACQUIRE Corp. All Rights Reserved.

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Windows 10
Intel® Core i5
DirectX 11 or later
Version 11
Broadband Internet connection
4 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Intel® Core i7


Video Tutorial – AMEDAMA Free Download

Really I believe that there is not will need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are enough. It’s easy to download and install it.

Instructions for AMEDAMA Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is under instructions
2. Open “”, next run EXE installer “AMEDAMA.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Copy files in folder Crack to folder where you installed the game
4. You can now play in full version of the game and enjoy it! 🙂

AMEDAMA Free Download

Installer Version
Portable Version

Additional Informations about AMEDAMA Free Download

Just remember about checking our site from time to time to make certain you have the latest updated version. If the game will soon be updated you will can download also Update for Free 🙂

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