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Automate Defend Repeat

Released on . Added in Casual Games, Indie Games, Simulation Games

Automate Defend Repeat Free Download

Automate, Defend, Repeat: A combination of factory management and tower defense strategy. Build a planet-dominating factory, defend it from disgruntled resource-carrying monsters, and defeat a total of 6 bosses. Once you have done that, select a New Game + modifier and do it again!

Game Details

Title: Automate Defend Repeat
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: BigScorch
Publisher: Sage Games
Release Date: 25 Apr, 2024

About This Game

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About this game:

Automate Defend Repeat combines factory building with tower defense. As you build your factory you will find you need new materials to continue. You obtain those materials by placing a building called a Thumper. The Thumper triggers monsters to spawn and attack it. You can defeat those monsters for rare resources to unlock new technology. Defeating the Boss of each resource type will allow you to build miners to get more of the rare resource, or to build the next Thumper. Automate your factory, Defend your thumpers, and Repeat!

Currently in the game:
* 80+ Buildings and items.
* Factory game mechanics.
* Tower Defense game mechanics.
* 6 bosses, each unlocking their own technology tier.
* 7 turrets and multiple ammo options for each
* 12 Mob types and 6 different mob abilities
* Support for bases spanning thousand+ blocks
* Procedurally generated maps
* New Game + point system, 4 NG+ options to make the game easier, and 4 to add more challenges.

Beating the game will likely take most players 20+ hours, and there is a New Game+ option for players who want to keep going.

Key Features:

Tower Defense: Each resource extraction disturbs the local residents – Beings rather attached to their planet’s minerals. Construct and adapt your defenses to fend off these unique beings, each with their own abilities and quirks.

Boss Fights: When you are ready to progress, summon and defeat the boss to unlock the next level of tower defense.

New Game +: Once you conquer the map, earn a new game + point, and start again with additional modifiers that can make the game more fun or more challenging.

Procedurally Generated Infinite Universe: No two playthroughs are the same in ADR. Every game map is procedurally generated and infinite, making each venture a unique experience.

Difficulty Modifiers: Defeating monsters for resources not stressful enough? You can ramp up the difficulty to "Impossible" and challenge yourself. Or reach New Game + mode and enable options like "All Bosses", or "Mobs Ignore Walls" for a true challenge.

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS *:
Windows 7 (SP1+) and Windows 10, 64-bit versions only.
Dedicated Video Card
Version 10
600 MB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


Automate Defend Repeat Free Download
Automate Defend Repeat Free Download
Automate Defend Repeat Free Download
Automate Defend Repeat Free Download
Automate Defend Repeat Free Download
Automate Defend Repeat Free Download
Automate Defend Repeat Free Download

Video Tutorial – Automate Defend Repeat Free Download

Actually I believe that there is not need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are sufficient. It’s easy to download and install it.

Instructions for Automate Defend Repeat Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is under instructions
2. Open “Automate Defend”, next run EXE installer “Automate Defend Repeat.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Move files in folder Crack to folder where you installed the game
4. Now you can play full version of the game and revel in it! 🙂

Automate Defend Repeat Free Download

Portable Version

Additional Informations about Automate Defend Repeat Free Download

Keep in mind about checking our website from time to time to make certain you’ve got the latest updated version. If the game will be updated you will can download Update for Free 🙂

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