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BEAK BLADES Free Download

A fast-paced, crazy and chaotic battler full of different weapons, maps, game modes, and hats! Fight with swords, battleaxes, and knives! Blast each other with shotguns, rocket launchers, and flame throwers! This is BEAK BLADES!

Game Details

Genre: Action, Casual
Developer: GoolWorks
Publisher: GoolWorks
Release Date: 29 Apr, 2024

About This Game

BEAK BLADES is a local multiplayer game where you only have 1 life, but you can parry anything!


  • 12 different weapons: Everything from katanas and pistols to gauss guns and rocket launchers!
  • 5 different game modes: Free For All, Team Battle, Gun Game, Infection, and even Soccer!
  • Player customization: 10 different player colors, 20+ hats!
  • 40 unique maps across 6 different themes (western, spooky, spaceship, islands, forest, castle)
  • Crazy Modifiers: Change players size/speed, add in falling bombs and lasers, randomize weapons!
  • Big Battles: Local multiplayer up to 8 players, with bot support!

System Requirements


OS *:
Windows 7
Intel Core i5 or equivalent
650 MB RAM
geforce gtx 1080 or equivalent


BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download
BEAK BLADES Free Download

Video Tutorial – BEAK BLADES Free Download

Really I think that there is not will need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are sufficient. It’s simple to download and install it.

Instructions for BEAK BLADES Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is below
2. Open “BEAK”, next run EXE installer “BEAK BLADES.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Move files from folder Crack to folder where you installed the game
4. You can now play full version of the game and revel in it! 🙂

BEAK BLADES Free Download

Installer Version
Portable Version

Additional Informations about BEAK BLADES Free Download

Keep in mind about checking our website from time to time to make sure that you have the newest updated version. If the game will be updated you will can download also Update for Free 🙂

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