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Comic Company Manager

Released on . Added in Casual Games, Indie Games, Simulation Games, Strategy Games

Comic Company Manager Free Download

Comic Company Manager is a comic book themed management game. Create your own comic publishing company and design your own ideas from combining 100+ concepts. Hire and manage artists to create comics for you and expand your company. Grow to dominate the industry

Game Details

Title: Comic Company Manager
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Substandard Shrimp
Publisher: Substandard Shrimp
Release Date: 21 Feb, 2023

About This Game

Become A Comic Publisher

Start your own comic book company. Create comics, hire people and expand your marketing.

Create Your Ideas

Core of Comic Company Manager is its Franchise system. You create new ideas by combining 3-6 tropes. After it has been created you can make comics, create merchandise and level it up.

Create Your Comics

Conquer the market with your comics. They can be based on your own ideas or you can buy or license franchises. Customize them by deciding if they should be colored or black and white, how many ads they have, what kind of paper they are printed on, how long they will run and how often they publish. There more ways to adjust them but the game also allows you to leave it up to the creators if you don’t want to go that deep

Decorate Your Offices

To make comics your workers need work stations. To keep them happy you need to decorate the rooms too. Add some nice furniture so they can take a break. Paint the walls the colors you like

Manage Your Artists

Keep your workers happy or they will quit. Make sure they like their team-mates or the work will suffer. Your workers can fill roles like: Writer, Penciler, Inker, Colorist and Editor

Simulate The Comic Market

Market in the game is dynamic with readers changing tastes and AI companies creating their own comics. You are directly competing with other companies for sales as each reader is simulated and they will only buy a set amount of comics.


  • Create ideas from combinations of 100+ concepts
  • Buy, sell and license ideas
  • Create comics
  • Hire workers for roles like: writer, penciler, inker, colorist and editor
  • Decorate offices
  • Buy new offices
  • Set printing settings
  • Manage marketing
  • Win awards
  • Create and customize your own character

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Windows 7+
2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
512 MB dedicated video RAM
Version 11
500 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


Comic Company Manager Free Download
Comic Company Manager Free Download
Comic Company Manager Free Download
Comic Company Manager Free Download
Comic Company Manager Free Download
Comic Company Manager Free Download

Video Tutorial – Comic Company Manager Free Download

Really I think that there is not will need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are sufficient. It’s easy to download and install it.

Instructions for Comic Company Manager Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is below
2. Open “Comic Company”, next run installer “Comic Company Manager.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Copy files from folder Crack to folder in which you installed the game
4. You can now play in full version of the game and revel in it! 🙂

Comic Company Manager Free Download

Portable Version

Additional Informations about Comic Company Manager Free Download

Just remember about checking our site from time to time to be sure that you’ve got the newest updated version. If the game will soon be updated you will can download also Update for Free 🙂

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