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The Fairy's Secret

Released on . Added in Casual Games

The Fairy's Secret Free Download

In this sequel to the fantasy yuri visual novel, The Fairy’s Song, Marnie and Lisbeth return to Fenchapel to visit Marnie’s grandmother. Things soon become complicated, however, when they run into two figures from the past who ought to be dead.

Game Details

Title: The Fairy’s Secret
Genre: Casual
Developer: ebi-hime
Publisher: ebi-hime
Release Date: 6 Feb, 2023

About This Game

Two years have passed since the events of The Fairy’s Song, and Marnie has been living together with her once-was knight and adorable girlfriend, Lisbeth.

Marnie might dress as though she’s ready to attend a funeral, what with her fondness for all things dark, dreary, and eerie, but her life has never been better. Her relationship with Lisbeth is going well, and she was accepted into an art university in London to continue her education.

Everything is going well…

But Marnie is worried about her elderly grandmother, Iris, who lives well off the beaten road in the small, scenic village of Fenchapel.

Iris’s health has been failing her as of late, and Marnie worries, if she does not spend more time with her grandmother, she will later regret it.

It is with this thought in mind that Marnie and Lisbeth decide to pay Iris a visit during the summer holidays – but things soon take a turn for the complicated when they run into a familiar face in Iris’s garden.

Edmund, the vengeful knight who pursued Marnie and Lisbeth through the forest, has returned, seemingly from beyond the grave – and, furthermore, he comes with a warning.

“You would do well to avoid the forest,” Edmund warns, “if you can. It has not been right ever since I awakened. I would rest easily if I knew you were not looking for trouble – though I fear, within time, trouble will find you.”

  • 85,000 words of text (approx 4-6 hours of reading)
  • A kinetic story with no choices or branches
  • Detailed character and event artwork
  • An entirely original soundtrack with four new tracks
  • A continuation of a sweet, wholesome yuri love story
  • A cute female knight in a cute swimsuit!

System Requirements


Windows XP or newer
512 MB RAM
DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card
1 GB available space
Sound Card:
Any audio output


The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download
The Fairy's Secret Free Download

Video Tutorial – The Fairy's Secret Free Download

Really I think that there is not need to record video tutorial. Instructions below are sufficient. It’s simple to download and install it.

Instructions for The Fairy's Secret Free Download

1. Download Full Version for Free. Direct link is below
2. Open “The Fairy_s”, next run EXE installer “The Fairy_s Secret.exe”
2. Install the game
3. Move files in folder Crack to folder in which you installed the game
4. Now you can play full version of the game and enjoy it! 🙂

The Fairy's Secret Free Download

Installer Version
The Fairy_s
Portable Version

Additional Informations about The Fairy's Secret Free Download

Just remember about checking our site from time to time to be sure you’ve got the newest updated version. If the game will soon be updated you will can download Update for Free 🙂

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