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Archive for October 18, 2021

Reverse Defenders

Released on . Added in Indie Games, Strategy Games

Reverse Defenders is flipping the world of tower defense games on its head. Finding out your favorite builds of classes, skills, and abilities is only half the fun, because on the Flipside await new possibilities. Unlock the true secrets of this world and challenge yourself to get that perfect run!

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Poop Plague in Fairyland

Released on . Added in Action Games, Strategy Games

Enjoy a cool mixture of an FPS and simple strategy elements! Scout areas as a ghost to plan your attack. Guide units and remove poop crystals with your mining units. Use crystal shards to attack, lure enemies and use it to gain tactical advantage. Play forever improving on two leader boards!

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Released on . Added in Adventure Games

Uncover the mysteries of Whitehaven Orphanage in this first-person psychological horror game. Explore the place, collect clues and put the pieces together to find out what happened years ago as you delve deep into your mind.

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Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game

Released on . Added in RPG Games

Sacred Fire is a psychological role-playing game. You’re a refugee hunted by Rome, your actions compromised by fear and rage. Build up your willpower to control story choices and master battle tactics. Outsmart opponents and gain allies. Wage war or strive for peace. End up a hero or an outcast.

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