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Archive for June 16, 2023

Infinite Mana

Released on . Added in RPG Games

Infinite Mana is a 2.5D RPG about exploration and glitch mechanics set in the magickal world of Arukea. You are the Wanderer: branded and without memory. Make friends and discover who you are, unlock unique Guises (classes), seek Relics, talk to animals, collect items, fish, and more!

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We are Eva

Released on . Added in Action Games, Casual Games, Indie Games

Play the game in multiple dimensions at the same time, traveling through them at will in this unique 2D platformer that defies boundaries! I’m Eva, by the way, and I promise we’ll have fun! Or maybe not… Maybe we’ll both suffer horribly… How should I know? I’m just a video game character…

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A Lost Note

Released on . Added in Adventure Games, Casual Games

follow a mysterious cat as it navigates a surreal world of memories, searching for the lost love of its owner. The cat must journey through a variety of environments, from sunny landscapes to dark and mysterious locales, all while uncovering clues and pieces of the lost love story.

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