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Archive for June 23, 2023

With Eyes of Ice

Released on . Added in Indie Games

An atmospheric, dramatic otome-esque visual novel set in Iceland in the 1800s. Follow the kind-hearted heroine, Gréta, as she finds herself caught between the affections of three handsome men who care for her in different ways.

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Disk Dashers

Released on . Added in Strategy Games

Plan trajectories, distribute energy, and outsmart your opponents in this simple but deep physics strategy game. Adapt to unusual environments and threats in singleplayer, or compete against opponents in strategic multiplayer.

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The Hunted Witch

Released on . Added in Action Games, Indie Games

A flight combat game where you play as a witch in the year 2058, pitting your magic against the US military as you try to survive in this story and go for the good ending. Fight swarms of drones, tanks, aircraft, massive bosses, and other futuristic military equipment in this challenging story.

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Released on . Added in Simulation Games, Strategy Games

Conludus is an interactive learning system that uses gamification to make studying information technology fun and engaging. The system has 3 game modes, a quest. Conludus is actively expanding to provide fun learning in different topics. Try Conludus today and take your IT skills to the next level!

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