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Archive for January 10, 2023

Forest Fire

Released on . Added in Action Games

Be the Forest Fire and burn everything in sight! Dodge bullet-hell rain clouds, rivers, and firefighters in this roguelite destruction fest. Each pixel is physically simulated to spread your flame far and wide. Only YOU can start Forest Fires.

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Released on . Added in Games

SmallZ Free Download

SmallZ is a third person zombie survival game. Form a team or go solo to survive from many threats such as zombies, boss zombies and other players. Build fortifications on different buildings or build your own base from scratch. There are plenty of build parts available for you to craft!

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Our Land

Released on . Added in Action Games, Adventure Games

A third-person monster shooter game set against the backdrop of early 1900s Johannesburg, South Africa. Converse with allies of human, creature and barrel natures. Explore and hunt down the monsters causing havoc among iconic and lesser known South African locations.

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