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Archive for January 16, 2023

Gem Worlds

Released on . Added in Indie Games

Gem World is a short roguelike/puzzle hybrid. Explore 50 levels in 5 unique worlds. Dodge boulders, collect gems, fight (or avoid) monsters. Unlock and upgrade more than 10 diverse skills. Exploit obstacles like mines, icicles, cactii, and more. Turn-based and easy to play.

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The Kingdom of God

Released on . Added in Indie Games, Strategy Games

The Kingdom of God: Creation is an independent game integrating territory management, resource management, strategic chess and exploration. As a new God, players develop their own country in the dangerous universe and eventually become the king of the new generation of gods.

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Gunslinger Nova

Released on . Added in Action Games

A top-down, 2d space-shooter that pits the user against swarms of alien ships from other dimensions. Destroy all enemies and portals as fast as possible. Battle increasingly tougher enemies through 40 Campaign levels and Endless Mode!

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