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Archive for January 13, 2023

What was

Released on . Added in Adventure Games, Indie Games

3d space style game where you walk around a ship trying to figure out what happened as you seem to be the only survivor. In the far future as humanity fights its biggest war yet. you wake up in a broken ship floating in space with no clue what happened to the crew or the ship.

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Sanctum Arcadia

Released on . Added in Action Games

Sanctum Arcadia is a game where you must fight your way through increasingly dangerous zones filled with enemies, hazards, and mystery. Sanctum Arcadia has a unique but still familiar progression system, challenging and engaging combat, all in a smooth Arcade-like experience.

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SimRail – The Railway Simulator

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SimRail - The Railway Simulator Free Download

SimRail is new, advanced railway simulator. Master high-speed long-distance EMU, heavy freight hauls and suburban trains. Travel 500 km of geodetic-data based real routes. Become train dispatcher and control the traffic according to the schedule or cooperate with other players on multiplayer mode.

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